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Full Service Car Inspectors

Buying a Used Car in Portland? Consider a Full Pre-Purchase Car inspection before Buying

  • Thorough Mechanical and Visual Evaluation
  • Interior and Exterior Inspections
  • Ensure maintenance has been Completed

free carfax with every inspection

Portland Car Inspections

We ensure cars have had all their necessary maintenance by Inspecting service records for:

  • Regular Air Filter, Oil and Filter Changes
  • Proper Tire Rotation
  • Proper Brake and Rotor Replacment
  • Exterior Gaskets and Engine Compartment

free carfax with every inspection

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We provide our customers with the reassurance they’re looking for when purchasing a used car.


Knowing the History of a prospective vehicle along with its regular care is something everyone wants to know. We do our best to tell you all the good and bad.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your in good hands as we utilize our expertise to thoroughly expect all vehicles to the highest standards.

Engine Belt Check

Engine Compartment Check

We thoroughly inspect the engine compartment to ensure that all is in order with the belts and hoses, as cracking can appear even in late model vehicles.

Under Vehicle inspection

Under Vehicle Inspection

Checking the under side of a vehicle allows us to dig further into the vehicles history, potentially uncovering problems with Rust and Salt roads.

battery check and OBD Checks

Battery & OBD Scanning

We scan each vehicle with our OBD scanner and ensure that there is no tricky business going on with the Check Engine or Service Engine light.

What we Offer

We currently only offer a Premium Car inspection package. This package is a 1-stop shop for all your Used Car inspection needs. We have tailored our car inspections to provide the car buyer with the most thorough understanding of the vehicles condition, wear, and current usage per our specific guidelines. Our car inspections are unbiased, and we do not take any endorsements from Used car dealers or used car sellers in order to skew the inspection report one way or the other. We pride ourselves on being honest to provide you with the best car inspections in Portland, Oregon!

Our Benefits

  • Multi-Point Car Inspection
  • Used Car Dealer Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Services
  • Certified Technicians Performing all Car Inspection
  • OBD Scanning, ECU/ECM Diagnostic and Reporting
  • Detailed Reports for all Car Inspections
  • Salvage Title & Branded Title Vehicle Evaluations
    • On-Site Pre-Purchase Car Inspection
    • New Car Dealer Car CPO Inspection
    • Underneath Visual Inspection
    • Body Panel Damage Inspection

What to Expect

We are in the business of helping customers make an Educated Car-buying Decision. We are looking to help clean up the car market and rid Portland, OR of shady car sellers who are trying to sell junk vehicles! Our service provides the necessary information for all buyers to make the RIGHT decision when looking to purchase a vehicle.

Our team of Professional Technicians have inspected numerous vehicles of varying makes and models – We have the experience needed to help anyone looking to buy a used car, whether it be through a Used car dealership/lot or a Private party seller, make the right decision. You don’t want to pay a high price tag for a JUNK vehicle!

For more information about our Inspection process, Price and to schedule an Appointment, see our Car Inspection Scheduling page for more information. We also can complete Cars inspections in Phoenix, Arizona as well if needed!

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Common FAQ’s

  • Do I really need a Car Inspection before I buy a Used Car?

    This is the question everyone asks themselves while car shopping, unless they’re buying a brand new car off the lot. (New Car, not Used Car lot).

    Think of it this Way:

    Could a Car Inspection Save You THOUSANDS on Repairs or Help you Avoid a Junker?

    Answer: YES!

    If your buying another car, or your first car, there’s several things to think about when purchasing a car.

    Has the car been maintained correctly and regularly? How are the tires? Belts? Hoses? Is the Car leaking any liquids or Oils? Is it a Convertible? Does the top leak? Have the wheels been properly (or improperly) rotated? Does it have a Clean/Salvage/Branded title?

    These are a few questions and things we look for when inspecting a vehicle for a customer. Its hard to list everything on our website, as it would take us hours to explain everything we inspect and why we inspect it.

    If your on the fence about paying for a car inspection (cheap or not), think about it this way. Do I want to spend $5000 – $15000 on a car and not know what might be wrong with it ?

  • What does Salvage/Branded Title Mean? ?


    We get this question almost every week, partly due to the relaxed laws in Oregon. If have been looking for cars online or even at used car lots in the portland area (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Clackamas, 82nd or McLoughlin), you’ve probably run into cars with either a “Salvage Title”, “Marked Title”, “Branded Title” or something along those lines.

    Car sellers are becoming more creative with their descriptions about their vehicles and more so, with their Titles, especially if it is not a Clean/Clear title. We’ve even seen people describe their cars having a “Clean Title with a Brand” or something similar to that.

    Salvage/Branded titles usually mean the Car has been considered a TOTAL LOSS by the Insurance company (Greater than 70% Loss in Car Value) and have either sold the vehicle back to original owner or put it in a Salvage Auction (Copart or Insurance Auto Auctions) to sell the vehicle to either private party buyers or used car dealers who then fix the vehicle and either keep it or try to resell the car. Many, if not all, Cars with salvage or branded titles will not be approved for a car loan either, regardless of your credit score or standing. Many people end up thinking its their bad credit that prohibits them to buy a car with a bad title, but its more likely than not the actual car itself.

    Many times cars with Salvage/Branded titles are not fixed properly – either due to cost savings or cutting corners in the repair process or buying aftermarket body parts rather than OEM parts. This then leads to improper fitting on the vehicle and you end up with a vehicle that was not even aligned properly, let alone what other damage it incurred.

    If you are looking to buy a car with a Salvage/Branded title, we Highly Suggest getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection before buying the Vehicle. Many times, we’ll be able to dig up old photos of the vehicles in their damaged state. You would be shocked.

  • Is Carfax or Autocheck better than an Inspection?

    We Recommend ALL Vehicles Get Inspected by a 3rd Party Company, Regardless of What the Car Dealer Says!

    Carfax and Autocheck NEVER Tell The Whole Story about a Car!

    Carfax and Autocheck are companies that have historical reports on a vehicles mileage, maintenance records (if the mechanic reported them to Carfax) and damage history (if the Car was fixed through a participating body shop or insurance company).

    Many times though, Maintenance and repairs are not reported on CarFax, along with body damage repair and such. Buying a Carfax or Autocheck report is a good first step to finding out some broad information regarding the vehicle.

    We recommended an In-Person Car inspection to really dig deep into the vehicles current condition, as we’ve seen cars with stellar Carfax reports and have been less stellar in person.

FAQs about Pre-Purchase inspections

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