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Many folks have asked us many of these questions when looking to buy a car, especially in Oregon, as there are some rules to how titles and registration are obtained in Oregon that defers from other states.

  • Do you recommend we Buy a “Reconstructed, Salvaged, or Rebuilt vehicle is the Price is Really GOOD?

    We do not recommend that anyone buy a vehicle with a Branded Title (this includes: Total Loss, Totaled, Salvage, Recon, Reconstructed, Rebuilt, Marked, Flood, Fire, Non-repairable, etc).

    These vehicles have endured damage over 70% of the value of the vehicle and are usually fixed with Sub-par and aftermarket discounted auto parts. We recommend you stick to a vehicle that has not been in a major accident. There is a reason insurance companies Total the Vehicle.

  • Should I buy a vehicle that has No Service Records?

    Vehicles should be serviced regularly in order to ensure longevity, reliability and more importantly, Safety. We always ask Sellers for a copy of service records when looking the vehicle over.

    We have encountered some Sellers who simply have lost service records but their vehicles have been maintained properly, as we later found out through a Vehicle History report and phone call to the Auto mechanic they use.

  • Should I buy a New Car or a late Model Used Car?

    New Cars are Great – everyone loves the New car Smell! The issue is unless you are receiving a discount that is greater than the price of the USED Car Price of an equivalent vehicle, your not going to be saving much money and the car will Depreciate the instant you drive off the New Car lot.

    Late model Used vehicles are our favorite vehicles to inspect because many of them have very low mileage and usually have been serviced under Factory warranty. We have seen Very well service, aggressively Priced Late model Vehicles that we have inspected and have come back with Clean sheets!